Company Update


Corporate, Division and Regional Office Full Reopening - Monday, October 4th

Corporate, Divisional, Regional Offices and Support Employees ONLY.

The following memo does not affect current plant protocols.

As previously announced, we will fully reopen the Corporate, Division and Regional offices on Monday, October 4th. It is important to return to the office and get people back together, engaging and collaborating face- to-face, so that we can fully leverage our talented employees, strong culture and strategic disciplines. 

All Corporate, Divisional, Regional Office and Non-Production employees are expected to return to their offices and:

  • Conduct the home-self screening process prior to leaving your residence each day by asking yourself: 1) Do I have any COVID-19 symptoms? 2) Have I had any close contact with someone who has COVID-19 in the past 14 days? If you answer yes to any of these questions, contact your supervisor and do not report to work.
  • Follow current safety protocols including: social distancing, avoiding shared surfaces, wearing your mask (unless alone in your cubicle or office), minimizing physical contact with others (handshakes, hugs, etc.)  following all posted signage, and performing on-the-job self- screening. If you begin experiencing symptoms while in the office, contact your supervisor immediately.
  • Business Travel, Conferences and Large Gatherings, Community Relations Events and In-person interviews require SENIOR LEADERSHIP TEAM (DIVISION PRESIDENT AND/OR CORPORATE OFFICERS) APPROVAL. 

Vaccinated Employees:

  • If you have contact with someone who has COVID-19, contact your supervisor and get tested 3-5 days after exposure, even if you are not experiencing symptoms. You do not need to quarantine unless you have symptoms or test positive. If you test positive, you will be required to quarantine for 10 days. You will be eligible for COVID Paid Leave during this quarantine period.

Unvaccinated Employees (including ndividuals with an approved Medical or Religious Exemption):

  •  Before Monday, October 4th you must:
    ○ Declare your vaccination status with HR, if you have not done so previously; and
    ○ Provide proof of a negative COVID antigen test within the previous 7 days to your HR Representative.
  • Participate in weekly COVID testing on an ongoing basis. COVID testing procedures are being finalized and will be shared with you soon.
  • Quarantine if you have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19. Report the exposure to your supervisor and get tested within 3-5 days. Close contact is defined as being within 6 feet of someone for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24 hour timespan.
  • If you experience COVID-19 symptoms, quarantine and get tested immediately.
  • If traveling domestically or internationally, the CDC requires unvaccinated persons to stay home and self-quarantine for a full seven (7) days and to get a COVID test 3-5 days after returning. Employees who are not vaccinated and travel by commercial transportation (plane, bus, train, ship, ferry, etc.), are no longer eligible for COVID Paid Leave for the CDC-required quarantine period, unless they have previously been granted a medical or religious exemption.
  • As a reminder, Vulcan discontinued its COVID Paid Leave program for unvaccinated employees for both exposures and positive cases unless otherwise required by federal, state, or local laws. However, other leave programs such as FMLA, short-term disability, and other state or locally-provided leave benefits may be available to unvaccinated employees. Should you need additional information about these programs, please contact your HR Representative.

New Hires

Offers of employment extended after October 4th to individuals who will be assigned to a Corporate, Divisional, Regional offices (excludes plant office- based and production related positions), will be required to provide proof of full vaccination as a condition of employment.

Our COVID-19 “Get Your Shot” Vaccination Incentive Program is making a difference across our company. The majority of our co- workers have decided to get vaccinated to protect themselves, their families, and co-workers. Congratulations to all the teams who have achieved the 80% team incentive target.

Our October 1 deadline for this campaign is approaching fast. With the goal of getting everyone vaccinated, if an individual receives their first shot by October 1st, they will be eligible for the individual incentive of $500 and receive their incentive after receiving their second shot. If the employee’s department meets the 80% team goal, that team will receive the additional $500 incentive payment once documentation is provided after receipt of the second dose.

We know that this has been a particularly challenging time for us all, and we are encouraged by the progress we have made to safely return our teams to the office. If you have questions on any aspect of this memo, please contact Division/Corporate Human Resources. We look forward to seeing everyone in the offices soon!