Company Update


Important COVID-19 Protocol Update

Our goal since the beginning of this pandemic has been keeping our Vulcan family safe and healthy. However, over the last 30 days, there has been a 300% increase in positive COVID cases at Vulcan. We are very concerned about this trend, as well as increased cases across the country, the overall low vaccination rate among our employees, and the more transmissible Delta variant.

After much discussion, Vulcan is enhancing our COVID safety protocols across the organization for the protection of our employees and to do our part to minimize the spread of COVID-19.
The following safety protocols are effective immediately:

NEW: Masks or face-coverings shall be worn by all employees while indoors regardless of vaccination status. “Indoors” includes, but is not limited to: common areas and hallways of office buildings, conference rooms, while carpooling or riding together in a vehicle, scale houses, labs, control rooms, shops with bay doors closed, etc. NOTE: Masks or face-coverings are not required if an employee is alone in their office, control room, cab of mobile equipment, or work/personal vehicle.

NEW: Corporate, Divisional and Regional offices remain closed. Only fully vaccinated employees are permitted to work in a full-time capacity at these offices. Individuals will need to show proof of their full vaccination status to HR or their supervisor. Employees who are not vaccinated will be required to receive Division President and Division/Corporate HR leadership level approval prior to entering these facilities.

NEW: Unvaccinated persons are required to get a COVID test 3-5 days after any domestic or international commercial travel and to stay home and self-quarantine for a full seven (7) days after travel. Commercial travel is defined as using public transportation (plane, bus, train, etc.).
In addition, we will continue to:

● Ensure the visitor entrances of offices remain locked at all times and only authorized personnel are permitted to enter.

● Limit plant site visits by Vulcan employees not assigned to the facility.

● Require employees to self-screen and stay home when feeling ill, regardless of vaccination status.
Employees shall also self-screen during the day and go home if feeling ill. By clocking in and/or entering a Vulcan facility, employees are acknowledging that they do not have COVID related symptoms.

● Prohibit employee gatherings/loitering in breakrooms and occupancy should be limited to one employee at a time. Breakrooms shall be limited to: clocking in/out, dropping off end of day paperwork, dropping off or collecting personal belongings, obtaining bottled water, snacks, etc., or using the microwave to heat food/beverages.

● Practice social distancing (minimum of 6’) while working together outdoors. When social distancing is not achievable during outdoor work, masks shall be worn by all unvaccinated.

● Recommit to healthy hygiene practices including frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer.

● Discourage vendors from visiting a Vulcan facility unless invited by site management and vaccinated.

● Require temperature checks and masks for all non-Vulcan employees entering a Vulcan site regardless of their vaccination status.

● Suspend all indoor in-person classroom training.

● Hold safety meetings outdoors or in an open shop with employees practicing social distancing.

● Conferences & Large Gatherings – Avoid large in-person meetings, events, and other conferences or business gatherings. Use phone and video capability to connect and conduct business.

● Vulcan-led community relations events – e.g. dates for Quarry Crusher Runs, the shoots for charity and barbeque competitions should not be held or scheduled until further notice. Vulcan employees should avoid attending similar events sponsored by other organizations.


● Business Travel – Make every effort to avoid travel regardless of the mode of transportation. Conduct business via phone, web conference or other virtual collaboration means.

● In-Person Interviews – Make efforts to conduct virtually.


The best protection remains the COVID-19 vaccines. Vaccines are a safe way to help build protection and they have been proven to be one of the most effective tools to protect our health and prevent disease. If you have not yet obtained the vaccine, we strongly encourage you to do so. The vaccine is readily available through many pharmacies as well as local health departments. It is at no cost to you.

In addition, COVID vaccine pay is available to all hourly and non-exempt employees to provide paid time off to obtain the injections. We will provide up to four (4) hours of straight time pay for each dose of the vaccine, up to a total of eight (8) hours. If you have questions or concerns, we encourage you to speak directly to your healthcare provider instead of consulting social media.


We continue to monitor COVID-19 cases as well as CDC guidance and will provide updates as it relates to our scheduled September 7th planned return to the corporate, divisional and regional offices.