Company Update


Vulcan’s COVID-19 Incentive Program

Vulcan Employees who are fully vaccinated before October 1 will receive cash incentives up to $1000: $500 for each vaccinated individual + $500 if their team achieves 80% vaccination. 

REMEMBER! Up to eight (8) hours of straight-time off COVID Vaccine Pay is still available to assist hourly and non-exempt employees in taking time off to obtain the vaccine. Hourly and non-exempt individuals should show a copy of their vaccination card to their manager or POA to receive the COVID vaccine pay and to qualify for the incentive bonus.

Incentive Program FAQ 

HR representatives and local management will tell you.

Be supportive when your team members ask for time to go get vaccinated. Share the resources on this website to get their questions answered by reliable, science-based sources of information. Encourage them to watch the videos and testimonials featuring Vulcan employees who shared their experiences with COVID019 and why they got vaccinated. Remember, harassment and bullying aren’t encouragement and are against company policy. The incentive program is designed to be a positive approach to increasing vaccinations among the Vulcan Family and has to be carried out consistent with our culture.

You are still eligible to earn the incentive. Contact your HR representative to discuss your qualifying medical or religious reason for accommodation.